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Mental Health Exposed
Hosted by Mike Bundrant.

Join Mike Bundrant and guests on Mental Health Exposed as they reveal strategies for achieving natural mental health and expose incompetence and fraud in the mental health and personal development industries. Hear interviews with authors and leaders who buck mainstream trends and offer listeners an education that cannot be found anywhere else.

If you have questions or would like to appear as a guest on Mental Health Exposed, please contact us at: [email protected]

Jun 23, 2014
Interview with The Horse Whisperer
Mike interviews Monty Roberts, the legendary Horse Whisperer. In this show, Mike and Monty discuss how people can heal from post traumatic stress. The Horse Whisperer has been helping combat veterans and others heal from trauma for years. Here, he tells of his unique methods.
Jun 23, 2014
Interview with MyFitnessPal
The chief nutritionist from the most popular fitness app in the world tells Mike how technology can help you lose weight can get in shape!
Feb 19, 2014
Interview with Christa Orecchio
Systemic candida destroys your health! Mike interviews holistic nutritionist Christa Orecchio about how systemic candida wreaks mental and physical havoc in your mind and body. Learn how to rid yourself of candida and discover new levels of energy and well-being.
Jan 22, 2014
Interview with Dr. Eric Pearl
Eric Pearl rejoins Mike for his second appearance on Mental Health Exposed. Dr. Pearl and Mike discuss energy healing, Reconnective Healing and the various forms of spiritual work available today.
Dec 11, 2013
Interview with sex therapist Linda Hatch, PhD
Mike interviews Linda Hatch, author of Relationships in Recovery: A Guide for Sex Addicts Who Are Starting Over. This episode is all about sex addiction and modern sexuality.
Dec 04, 2013
Interview with Lori Deschene
Mike interviews the Founder of TinyBuddha.com - one of the web's most popular personal growth sites. In this interview, Mike and Lori discuss the top limiting beliefs that get in the way of personal transformation and what to do about them.
Nov 13, 2013
Interview with Hope Bundrant
Mike and Hope talk about Hope's recent bodybuilding victory. Why did she, at age 41, decide to enter a professional figure contest? Mike and Hope discuss power of personal goals, overcoming self-sabotage, quantum healing and more!
Nov 06, 2013
Interview with psychotherapist, Jake Eagle
What's wrong with psychotherapy today? Mike interviews psychotherapist Jake Eagle to learn what's wrong with psychotherapy today and what you can expect from counselors who do extraordinary work.
Oct 23, 2013
Secrets to Fulfilling Relationships with Jake Eagle
Most of us get the dating and marriage process wrong and end up in unfulfilling, stressful relationships as a result. In this hour, Mike interviews psychotherapist Jake Eagle about the uncommon wisdom in his new program called Dating, Relating and Mating.
Oct 16, 2013
Interview with Dr. Tom Hall and Andrea Avigal about Munchausen Syndrome
Learn about the under diagnosed epidemic called Munchausen Syndrome, in which people purposely give themselves deadly diseases, often by injecting bacteria into their veins. Expert Dr. Tom Hall and recovered Munchausen Syndrome patient Andrea Avigal join Mike to tell their story.
Oct 02, 2013
Bruce Lipton returns to discuss The Honeymoon Effect
One of our most popular guests, Bruce Lipton, PhD, is back to talk with Mike about his latest book, the Honeymoon Effect. Bruce and Mike go deep in this episode to discuss the unconscious programming that causes self-sabotage and how to reprogram yourself to live in peace.
Sep 18, 2013
Quantum Touch practitioners tell their stories
Three Quantum Touch practitioners join Mike in this episode to tell their incredible personal stories of healing. Deborah Gair, Henri Fergiuele, and Kim Luchau describe their recovery from conditions conventional medicine could not help.
Sep 11, 2013
Interview with Karly Randolph Pitman
Karly's work with eating disorders and sugar addiction arises from her own experience of suffering from multiple eating disorders (including bulimia, sugar addiction, overeating, binge eating disorder, compulsive dieting, and body hatred) for over 20 years. In her desire to heal, she was a voracious student of psychology, health and spirituality. Learn from a best-selling author who has been there.
Aug 28, 2013
Inventor of the Q Laser and world's foremost expert on healing light
Dr. Larry Lytle joins Mike this week to discuss healing all forms of mental and physical maladies with light.
Aug 21, 2013
Guy Finley is Back!
Mike Bundrant welcomes back Guy Finely to discuss the nature of beliefs and Guy's unique philosophy of mental and spiritual development. Guy is unique, so you do not want to miss this episode.
Aug 08, 2013
Interview with Peace Troubadour, James Twyman
Author, filmmaker and musician James Twyman, the Peace Troubadour, is back to discuss his upcoming peace concert in Syria and Egypt. Join in the effort to bring positive energy to the area. Learn how on this episode.
Jul 31, 2013
Interview with Richard Gordon of Quantum-Touch
Mike interviews author and Quantum-Touch developer Richard Gordon about energy healing, distance healing and mind over matter. Richard and co-author Chris Duffield address Mike's skepticism and give examples of how energy healing happens.
Jul 24, 2013
Interview with Filmmaker James Twyman
Mike interviews filmmaker James Twyman, who defies the Hollywood trend by making great, meaningful movies. Also, Dr. Wes Youngberg on amino acid therapy for mental health.
Jul 17, 2013
Interview with Robert Scott Bell
Mike interviews Robert Scott Bell of Natural News Radio about homeopathy, unconscious programming, remedies for anger, frustration and depression. Also, Mike discusses the thought patterns of optimists vs. pessimists from an NLP perspective.
Jul 10, 2013
Healing Depression Naturally
Mike Bundrant interviews Dr. Wes Youngberg about genetic tendencies that prevent absorption of vitamins, leading to health concerns, including depression. Also, Debora Wayne on the energetic and spiritual components of depression. Plus, more signs you believe it is wrong to be happy.
Jul 03, 2013
Mike Bundrant takes on Dr. Eric Pearl of The Reconnection
In this episode Mike interviews renowned Reconnective Healing developer, Dr. Eric Pearl. Mike challenges Dr. Pearl on his methods, teaching and their validity. Mike and Dr. Pearl also go head to head on the spiritual practice of channeling, given Dr. Pearl's new book, Solomon Speaks.
Jun 26, 2013
Interview with Ester Nicholson, author of Soul Recovery
Mike Bundrant interviews author Ester Nicholson, author of the book Soul Recovery, which takes 12-step programs to a new level of spirituality and complete resolution. Mike also discuss signs three and four of the 10 signs you believe it is wrong to be happy.
Jun 12, 2013
Dr. Paul Ekman, Inspiration for the hit television series Lie to Me
Mike Bundrant interviews psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman, who is the inspiration for the hit television series Lie to Me. Dr. Ekman discusses his research on lie detection as well as micro-expressions and the seven universal emotions. Returning to the show are Dr. Wes Youngberg to discuss adrenal fatigue and Jake Eagle of Reology.org.
Jun 05, 2013
Interview with Renee Stephens of Inside Out Weight Loss
This week Mike interviews weight loss coach Renee Stephens of InsideOutWeightLoss.com about how to lose weight pleasurably and effectively. Learn how to change your relationship to food and lose weight safely.
May 22, 2013
Interview with George Cappannelli, author of Do Not Go Quietly
Mike interview George Cappannelli, author of the book, Do Not Go Quietly. Topics include: waking up and becoming a leader, getting in touch with your uniqueness and making a real contribution to society rather than blindly accepting the status quo.
May 15, 2013
Interview with Paris Williams, PhD, author of Rethinking Madness
Mike Bundrant interviews psychologist and author Dr. Paris Williams. Paris is a former hang gliding instructor who experienced episodes of psychosis. Paris healed his psychosis naturally and has since written the book, Rethinking Madness, which defines a new paradigm for healing mental illness.
May 01, 2013
Mind Freedom International, forced psychiatric drugging and the right to be ourselves
This week Mike interviews Sophie Fought, Communications Director at Mind Freedom International, as well as Jon Rappoport about the issues of mental health freedom, forced psychiatric treatment, Creative Maladjustment Week 2013 and the right to experience life and our own minds however we choose.
Apr 24, 2013
Follow along Life Force Yoga class with Amy Weintraub
A first on Mental Health Exposed, join Mike and Hope Bundrant and therapist Sherry Rubin as students in this one-of-a-kind Life Force Yoga class. World renown author and yoga instructor Amy Weintraub guides our small, online class through a series of light movement and yoga breath exercises to increase overall well-being. Follow along in this class and feel an immediate difference in your mind and mood!
Apr 17, 2013
Cult Mentality with Jon Rappoport
Mike Bundrant and Jon Rappoport discuss cult mentality in the mainstream, groupthink, blind faith, how we can get sucked into believing just about anything, clinical hypnosis tactics perpetrated upon the masses
Apr 10, 2013
Your mouth, oxygen and healing with Dr. Leonard Feld
Mike Bundrant interviews Leonard Feld, DDS about the amazing potential for healing that lies in the Temporomandibular Joint. More oxygen, less strain on nerves and miraculous healing of physical and emotional symptoms happen when this joint is adjusted properly.
Apr 03, 2013
Developing resilience with Bobbi Emel
This week Mike interviews psychotherapist Bobbi Emel of The Bounce Blog on how to develop mental and emotional resilience. Also, regular guest Debora Wayne joins Mike toward the end of the show.
Mar 20, 2013
Interview with Christiane Northrup, MD
Mike Bundrant interviews Christiane Northrup, MD about how repressed emotions lead to long-term physical health issues as well as a number of other topics including spiritual health, family dynamics and how to let go of the emotional bag of rocks you have been carrying.
Mar 13, 2013
Peter Breggin, Jon Rappoport and why psychiatry is doomed to fail
Mike Bundrant interviews Peter Breggin, MD about the history of psychiatry and why it is doomed to fail, ultimately. Also, Jon Rappoport discusses BAM - brain activity mapping, the three billion dollar project to understand how to control your brain.
Mar 06, 2013
Healing Depression Naturally
Mike Bundrant interviews internationally celebrated yoga teacher Amy Weintraub about healing depression naturally with yoga. Also, regular guest Dr. Wes Youngberg joins Mike to discuss what you need to know about healing depression with nutrition and supplementation.
Feb 27, 2013
Interviews with Jeanne Safer, PhD and Suzanne Ruff
This episode focuses on sibling strife, sibling rivalry and sibling relationships with two guest authors. Jeanne Safer, PhD is author of Cain's Legacy, a book about overcoming sibling strife. Author Suzanne Ruff wrote The Reluctant Donor, the story of her kidney donation to an estranged sister.
Feb 20, 2013
Stress prevention with NLP, nutrition, meditation, psychology of attachments
Mike Bundrant interviews Tom Dotz, co-author of NLP: The Essential Guide. Also, stress and blood sugar with Wes Youngberg, PhD, easy meditation benefits with Debora Wayne and a special segment with Hope Bundrant on stress and the attachment to being out of control.
Feb 13, 2013
Transforming the Self with Steve Andreas
Mike interviews NLP developer Steve Andreas, co-founder of NLP Comprehensive about building a healthy self-concept, based on Steve's book, Transforming the Self.
Feb 06, 2013
Interview with celebrated author and teacher, Don Miguel Ruiz
Mike Bundrant interviews the author of The Four Agreements and other best-selling works, Don Miguel Ruiz, about the central theme in his work, why his books are so popular, how we can all enjoy life, how the mind works, the Four Agreements, how Don Miguel Ruiz came to understand the mind, why he gave up practicing surgery and much, much more.
Jan 30, 2013
The Mystic Cookbook, Liam Scheff and more
Mike Bundrant interviews Denise and Meadow Linn, authors of The Mystic Cookbook. Liam Scheff joins Mike for the first time for a discussion on healing and food, and more.
Jan 23, 2013
Interview with Joni Cox of Homegrown Health Radio
Mike interviews Joni Cox on the topic of emotional stuffing. On this episode Joni shares her personal experiences with stuffing her own emotions, where it lead and what she has done about it.
Jan 16, 2013
Interview with Charlotte Gerson
Mike Bundrant interviews Charlotte Gerson about the Gerson approach to healing diabetes and her book, Healing Diabetes the Gerson Way.
Jan 09, 2013
Interview with depth psychotherapist, Judith Barr
Mike Bundrant welcomes depth psychotherapist Judith Barr to discuss how to heal at a deeper level than is commonly taught in mental health today.
Jan 02, 2013
The media's mass hypnosis with Jon Rappoport
Mike Bundrant and Jon Rappoport discuss mainstream media's use of specific mass hypnosis techniques to keep developing stories focused where the power structure wants people focused.
Dec 19, 2012
Fight human trafficking with Pastor Brian Bell
Slavery is alive and well in the world today. Listen to this shocking episode to learn what some brave souls are doing to stop human sex trafficking in Cambodia and learn what you can do to help.
Dec 12, 2012
Brain Change Therapy with Carol Kershaw and J. William Wade
Mike Bundrant interviews Drs. Kershaw and Wade, about brain change therapy and the latest neuroscientific research and integrative principles from biofeedback, hypnosis, meditation, cognitive therapy, neurofeedback, EM Wave technology and more.
Dec 05, 2012
Interview with the Fallen Pastor
Mike Bundrant interviews the Fallen Pastor, Raymond Carroll, who tells the story of his adultery while pastoring a church. Ray also shares fascinating statistics about pastors in general.
Nov 28, 2012
Why We Suffer - Interview with Peter Michaelson
Mike Bundrant interviews depth psychotherapist Peter Michaelson, who claims that much of our suffering is unnecessary.
Nov 21, 2012
Quantum hypnosis with Chiara Marrapodi
In this episode Mike Bundrant speaks with Chiara Marrapodi about quantum hypnosis and accessing healing information from beyond the physical realm.
Nov 14, 2012
Interview with New Jersey Natural News subscriber Julie Felsher on surviving Hurricane Sandy
Health coach and Natural News reader Julie Felsher woke up the morning after Sandy hit to a ravaged neighborhood. After witnessing the destruction and spending a week without power, Julie shares with us the amazing lessons she learned from the experience.
Nov 07, 2012
Interview with "Semper" Sarah Plummer
Sarah Plummer has recovered naturally from a host of traumatic events. She has been hit by a car, struck by lightning, survived a devastating car crash, was raped by a fellow service member, has broken every major bone in her body, and faced daily medical issues related to arthritis, scoliosis, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yet, Sarah's message is one of hope; she encourages her audiences to see obstacles as opportunities, turn tragedy into triumph, and be healthy in order to heal.
Oct 31, 2012
How to open your heart toward others
In this episode Mike Bundrant discusses the core issue that prevents people from opening their minds and hearts toward others, with concrete examples and activities you can do to make changes in this area.
Oct 24, 2012
Interview with Nick Vujicic
This week's episode of Mental Health Exposed features an interview with Nick Vujicic. I took the opportunity to speak with Nick a couple of years ago for Healthy Times Newspaper and thought I'd play a part of that interview on the show.
Oct 17, 2012
Bio-identical Testosterone Therapy with Randy Ice
Mike Bundrant interviews Randy Ice, PT of Vintage Medical Group regarding the benefits and risks of bio-identical testosterone replacement therapy.
Oct 03, 2012
Interview with Dr. Valerie Young
Author Valerie Young, PhD on the impostor syndrome and her book, The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women.
Sep 26, 2012
The end of civilization and the beginning of a new one with Bruce Lipton, PhD
This may be the most important episode of Mental Health Exposed to date. Join Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution, to discuss how individuals, communities and societies are shaped by beliefs and how our present world is about to transform.
Sep 19, 2012
Interview with Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld
A rising star in the world of professional skydiving, Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld was on his way to a world championship when tragedy struck. A plane carrying 22 skydivers, including Dan and his team, crashed, leaving 16 dead and Dan in a coma for six weeks. Learn about Dan's afterlife experience and amazing journey since.
Sep 12, 2012
91 ways to get inner peace in 60 seconds
Mike Bundrant discusses 91 ways to arrive at greater inner peace in the next 60 seconds.
Sep 05, 2012
Interview with Peter Breggin, MD
Mike Bundrant interviews reform psychiatrist Peter Breggin, MD, about chronic brain impairment that comes from long-term pharmaceutical use as well as other topics related to mental health.
Aug 29, 2012
The simplest, sanest and most effective way to create inner peace
Mike and Hope Bundrant teach listeners the most effective method of creating inner peace. It involves saying "no" to what adds stress to your life. Don't miss this amazing discussion - you'll want to take notes.
Aug 22, 2012
How to find the meaning of life with Guy Finley
With Mike Bundrant, Guy Finley lays out a clear plan to discover the meaning of life.
Aug 15, 2012
Neutralize language-based manipulation this political season
Mike Bundrant discusses five categories of language that can easily be used to manipulate. Specific examples from the world of politics are used. Prepare to take notes and learn the nature of manipulative language and how to neutralize it.
Aug 08, 2012
Orgone Therapy Interview with Daniel Schiff, PhD
Mike Bundrant discusses his personal experience with the body-centered therapy known as orgone therapy and interviews Daniel Schiff, PhD, a leader in the field.
Aug 01, 2012
Sound Energy Healing with Diane Mandle
Listen to a real demonstration of sound energy healing with certified Tibetan bowl sound practitioner and trainer Diane Mandle. Learn to heal mentally and emotionally with sound energy and experience a sound healing session in which you can work on an issue during this episode.
Jul 25, 2012
Interview with Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.
Francine Shapiro returns to Mental Health Exposed to discuss the role of emotional trauma in forming our personality, belief systems and emotional well-being. Learn more about Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).
Jul 18, 2012
Interview with Noah Rubinstein of GoodTherapy.org
Mike Bundrant interviews GoodTherapy.org Founder, Noah Rubinstein about problems within the mental health system and the tendency of counselors to view people as deficient and fundamentally flawed, as well as how to help people heal in healthy and productive ways.
Jul 11, 2012
Interview with Deborah Rozman, Ph.D. of Heart Math, LLC
Mike Bundrant interviews Hearth Math, LLC President and CEO Dr. Deborah Rozman. Heart Math is a personal biofeedback modality based on over 15 years of scientific research on the physiology of stress, emotions, and the interaction between the heart and brain. The modality is used to reduce stress, improve performance and experience a more balanced life. It helps to cultivate a deep sense of inner calm and a life filled with increased energy and confidence and overall wellness.
Jun 27, 2012
Interview with Philip Botkiss, MD
Integrative psychiatrist Philip Botkiss, MD joins Mike Bundrant to discuss Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, a cutting edge holistic treatment for clinical depression. Dr. Botkiss discusses the treatment protocol, research, as well as his extensive experience treating patients.
Jun 20, 2012
Interview with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, author of the book Managing The Gift: Alternative Approaches For Attention Deficit Disorder, joins Mike Bundrant on NaturalNews Radio's Mental Health Exposed to discuss ADD/HD as an evolutionary process that we need to work with, not medicate.
Jun 13, 2012
Interview with Jim Gottstein, attorney and founder of PsychRights.org
During this interview, Jim Gottstein explains the dramatic fight he is up against in defense of mental health terrorism victims in America today.
Jun 06, 2012
Interview with Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.
Great show for you today all about getting past your past. Our feature guest is Dr. Francine Shapiro, originator of the EMDR, the therapy method that changed the way we deal with our past, especially traumatic aspects of it. Dr. Shapiro has come out with a new book written for lay people called Getting Past Your Past.
May 30, 2012
Interview with Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.
Dr. Lerner is the internationally acclaimed author of "The Dance of Anger", which has sold four million copies over 25 years. Her latest book, "Marriage Rules: A Manual for the Married and the Coupled Up", is an insightful book of rules for couples. This episode of Mental Health Exposed is like a free marriage improvement seminar as Dr. Lerner discusses several of the rules mentioned in the book and how to apply them.
May 23, 2012
Interview with Dr. Robin
This week's show features an interview with Dr. Robin, a medical doctor who received drug treatment and electro-convulsive therapy while an intern in medical school. Dr. Robin claims the treatments she received wiped out her memory, causing her to forget her medical education.
May 16, 2012
Secrets of simple self-confidence with Erin Falconer
Show inspired by a survey of her more than 80,000 newsletter subscribers at PickTheBrain.com. Readers were asked what they wanted most out of their personal development efforts. The number one answer: Self-confidence.
May 09, 2012
Interview with marriage experts Dr. Peter Pearson and Dr. Ellyn Bayder of the Couple's Institute
Why is marriage so challenging? This is the primary question put to our guests, world renown marriage experts Dr. Peter Pearson and Dr. Ellyn Bayder of the Couple's Institute. The reason we walk into marital challenges brings instant sanity to any marriage once you understand what is really going on.
May 02, 2012
Healing anxiety naturally with Barry Macdonough
On this episode of Mental Health Exposed we discover how anxiety is 100% healable without the use of drugs -- it just takes some education and effort. Barry Macdonough, who developed one of the world's most successful anxiety relief programs called Panic Away, is our guest.
Apr 25, 2012
Interview with David Wolfe and Steve Adler
Raw food mogul David Wolfe and Steve Adler of Sacred Chocolate join Mike Bundrant to discuss not only the virtues of eating a raw diet, but also the science behind raw chocolate, perhaps the healthiest food on the planet.
Apr 18, 2012
Inteview with Guy Finley
Happiness, life satisfaction and letting go of what makes you unhappy - a fascinating subject that is full of twists and turns. We have a great guest expert joining us today, best-selling author Guy Finley.
Apr 11, 2012
Inteview with Mary Jaksch
Mary Jaksch is the author of the book Start Over: How to Recreate your Life. She is the blogger behind the popular website goodlifezen.com, writetodone.com and the A-list Blogging Bootcamp. Mary is a six figure personal development blogger -- one of the top names in the blogosphere -- and not too long ago she didn't know the first thing about blogging.
Apr 04, 2012
Inteview with Dr. Gary Null
An amazing show today with guest Dr. Gary Null, would-renowned nutritionist, best-selling author, film maker and health freedom warrior. Join us as we discuss nutritional strategies for brain health. Then, please do take advantage of an offer that Gary has never made before (receive $80 in videos from Gary Null - FREE!), exclusively for listeners of Mental Health Exposed.
Mar 28, 2012
Jon Gabriel - Psychologically sophisticated weight loss strategies
Join Mental Health Exposed with expert weight loss guest and biology researcher, Jon Gabriel. This episode is a tour de force into the most psychologically sophisticated weight loss strategies known today.
Mar 21, 2012
Leo Babauta - How to change habits with simplicity and focus
Leo Babauta (one of the most popular personal development bloggers today) has an uncommon, laser focus on how to simplify your life, let go of unwanted habits and get more done with less distraction.
Mar 14, 2012
Inteview with Dr. Andrew Saul
Dr. Andrew Saul discusses why your doctor doesn't talk about the best remedies for physical and emotional challenges, the vitamin niacin and niacin therapy, what you can do to better take control of your health and what it realistically takes to heal yourself with natural medicine. Also Jake Eagle of Green Psychology tells an amazing story of a woman suffering from psychophrenia.
Mar 07, 2012
Amazing facts about psychiatry revealed
Psychiatric reformer and bestselling author Peter Breggin, MD addresses the true motivation behind the field of psychiatry and why they rely on medication as the primary treatment. Also, what you never realized about human relations and trust; how they relate to mental illness and health.

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