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Extreme Health Radio Archive

Join your host, Justin for Extreme Health Radio on Mondays and Thursdays as he explores alternative healing strategies and cutting edge protocols for experiencing the best health possible with the worlds leading experts in health and well being. For more information, visit: www.ExtremeHealthRadio.com

If you have questions or would like to appear as a guest on Extreme Health Radio, please contact us at: [email protected]

May 16, 2013
Interview with Charles Erwin
Today on Extreme Health Radio, we talk with Charles Erwin
May 06, 2013
Interview with Dr. Steven Hines
Today on Extreme Health Radio, we talk with Dr. Steven Hines.
May 02, 2013
Interview with Chris Kehler
Chris Kehler talks about how he uses energy medicine and quantum energy techniques for healing all kinds of health challenges
Apr 29, 2013
Interview with Timothy Hickey from Friendsofwater.com
We're having Timothy Hickey on from Friendsofwater.com talking about why you should filter your water and the many benefits of doing so for your long term health.
Apr 25, 2013
Interview with Dr. Carl O Helvie
Today we're going to have Dr. Carl O Helvie who is the longest lung cancer survivor in the world. He's 81 years old and we'll be talking about the alternative cancer therapy he used to heal from lung cancer.
Apr 22, 2013
Interview with Stephen Heuer
Justin and Stephen Heuer talk about The Benefits Of Raw Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder To Raise Glutathione Levels and Detoxify The Body
Apr 18, 2013
Interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson
Dr. Bradley Nelson author of The Emotion Code will be talking about how our emotions and energy play a profound role in our health and healing.
Apr 15, 2013
Interview with Hannah Crum
Justin and Hannah Crum from http://www.kombuchakamp.com discuss the amazing benefits of kombucha!
Apr 11, 2013
Interview with Robert Cassar
Dr. Robert Cassar will be joining us today to talk about anti aging, and principles surrounding his 21 day terrain modification program. Dr. Cassar has spoken at The Longevity Now Conference with David Wolfe and is a wild guy. This should be a fun show so don't miss it!
Apr 08, 2013
Interview with Mark Starr
Dr. Mark Starr talks about the importance of a healthy thyroid and all the health issues related to that!
Apr 04, 2013
Interview with Phil Wilson
Phil Wilson from Momentum 98 will be joining us today to talk about the benefits of FAR Infrared technology and sweating. He'll be discussing why it's so important to sweat and how sweating releases toxins and heavy metals from the body.
Mar 25, 2013
Interview with Tamara St. John
Tamara St. John was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 without health insurance. She had two options do nothing and perhaps die or use alternative solutions. Learn how Tamara reversed her cancer without using chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. This is sure to be a fascinating show!
Mar 21, 2013
Interview with Mimi Kirk
74 year old raw vegan Mimi Kirk will be on our show discussing the benefits of the raw vegan lifestyle and her current health strategies for looking and feeling young. You don't want to miss this show!
Mar 11, 2013
Interview with Nick Stern
Nick Stern from Sun Warrior joined Extreme Health Radio today to talk about his raw vegan protein and other products. We also discuss his daily longevity protocols for staying in tip top shape at age 60. Nick also speaks about how to lose weight and build muscle on a mostly plant based raw vegan diet. This was an excellent show and one you won't want to miss.
Mar 07, 2013
Interview with Rick Simpson
Rick Simpson joins us today and talks about the many uses of hemp oil. This is hemp oil from the leaves of the plant and not the same hemp oil one can buy at the health food store. Rick uses it to treat many diseases with great success. You don't want to miss this show!
Mar 04, 2013
Interview with Dr. Alejandro Junger
Dr. Alejandro Junger from The Clean Program joins us today to talk about fasting, detoxification, cleansing and keeping proper colon health can help the body to heal from disease. We talk about why colonics, enemas and juices are so healing to the body.
Feb 28, 2013
Interview with Dessie Andrews
Dessie Andrews joins us on Extreme Health Radio in a special show to talk about topics related to finances, politics and government. We'll be learning about what it means to be a United States citizen, what really happens when we buy a home and the role of the federal government in our individual lives.
Feb 21, 2013
Interview with Daniel Vitalis
Daniel Vitalis joins us today to talk about nutrition, re-wilding, and improtance of sunlight.
Feb 18, 2013
Interview with Jeanice Barcelo
Jeanice Barcelo joins us today to discuss the dangers of giving birth in most modern hospitals. She'll be discussing, the importance of the placenta, vaccinations, the cutting of the umbilical chord and how to protect your baby from the dangers of hospitals.
Feb 14, 2013
Interview with Annie Judd
Annie Jubb discusses the Importance Of Liver Cleansing and The Benefits Of Eating Life Food
Jan 04, 2013
Interview with Sandor Katz
Sandor Katz from wildfermentation.com joins us to discuss the power of fermented foods on our bodies and how we can start incorporating some of these traditional foods into our daily diets. We'll be discussing how to make kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir and more along with the benefits of good bacteria for preventing and reversing disease.
Jan 02, 2013
Interview with Dr. David Kennedy
We're joined today by Dr. David Kennedy. As past president of The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. David Kennedy is a specialist in the proper dental materials to allow in our mouths. He is not a fan of traditional crowns on teeth or root canals. Dr. Kennedy is author of "How To Save Your Teeth" and his latest video is "Smoking Teeth".
Dec 21, 2012
Interview with Dr. Lindsey Duncan
Today we have Dr. Lindsey Duncan who will be answering your questions about health, natural healing, weight loss and eating an alkaline diet. Dr. Duncan has been teaching natural health, cleansing and detoxification strategies for over 30 years. Don't miss this show!
Dec 19, 2012
Interview with Steve Storch
Steve Storch is a marine biologist and he will join us to talk about his Vortex Brewer, compost tea and his most popular product, Thalassa Mix. He's a specialist is remineralizing the soils and biodynamic gardening. If you want to grow your own food this show is for you!
Dec 14, 2012
Interview with Professor Ron Cusson
Professor Ron Cusson is here to discuss the power of vortexing and how minerals from the ocean can completely change our DNA and cellular makeup.
Dec 12, 2012
Interview with herbalist, David Christopher
David Christopher will join us to talk about The School of Natural Healing that was setup in 1953. As an herbalist he'll be sharing lots of great insight and natural remedies for common health challenges.
Dec 10, 2012
Interview with Dr. Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Health Institute
Dr. Brian Clement director of the Hippocrates Health Institute will be joining us to talk about cleansing, and healing from late stage catastrophic diseases. He'll also be discussing the role of emotions and stress on our health!
Dec 07, 2012
Interview with author, Debrah Lynn Dad
Debrah Lynn Dad - joins us to talk about her book Living Toxin and Chemical Free! She'll be sharing ways to make our home and work environments much safer and less toxic than they are currently. Many toxins we have in our home can be causing our health conditions so don't miss what she will be talking about!
Dec 05, 2012
Interview with Konstantin Monastyrsky, author of Fiber Menace
We have the honor of having the author of Fiber Menace on our show. His name is Konstantin Monastyrsky and he makes the claim that fiber is extremely unhealthy for the human body. If you were taught that you need to eat more fiber in your diet, you don't want to miss what he has to say.
Dec 03, 2012
Interview with biological dentist, Dr. Dawn Ewing
Today we're talking with Dr. Dawn Ewing a biological dentist about how the teeth play a HUGE role in our health and whether or not we get chronic degenerative diseases. If you have mercury fillings, root canals or extractions don't miss this show.
Nov 30, 2012
Interview with Sally Fallon
Sally Fallon will be on the air today to talk about the Weston A. Price foundation and the value of traditional whole foods. She's also be discussing the future of the foundation as well as many other fascinating topics. If you like fermented foods, and animal products you don't want to miss this!
Nov 28, 2012
Interview with Michael King of Vitality Herbs and Clay
Michael King of Vitality Herbs and Clay is going to join us to talk about how herbs and clays can help detoxify, heal and nourish the body. If you have candida Michael has lots of interesting things to say regarding candida's relationship to diseases. You don't want to miss this one.
Nov 26, 2012
Interview with Robert Von Sarbaucher
Today Robert Von Sarbaucher joins us to talk about anti-aging or pro youthing as we like to call it. He's an expert in the Mini Beet Protocol and is quite a fireball and a wealth of amazing information.
Nov 21, 2012
Interview with Dr. William Wong
Dr. William Wong will be joining us today. He's an exercise physiologist as well as a nutritionist and has studied hormones, enzymes everything under the sun. He's also an expert in men and women issues. Please don't miss this one.
Nov 19, 2012
Interview with Liana Werner-Grey
Today we're going to be having Liana Werner-Grey on discussing The Earth Diet. And if you're not familiar with her story she beat cancer naturally and is now helping to spread the word to the world about healthy living. If you want to do things, talk to someone who's done it. This should be a fascinating show!
Nov 16, 2012
Interview with Dr. Lita Lee
Dr. Lita Lee will be on the air to discuss with us how enzymes can help to assist the body in getting rid of many of the major diseases of our day. She'll also be talking about the pro thyroid diet and how to prevent exposures to environmental toxins. This is sure to be a fascinating show so make sure to tune in and tell your friends!
Nov 14, 2012
Interview with superfoods expert, David Wolfe
Raw foods and superfoods expert David Wolfe joins us today to take listener questions and discuss his new book on Chaga. We'll also be discussing how to prevent and reverse disease and how to live as long and healthy as possible. This will be a fantastic show so make sure to join us!
Nov 12, 2012
Interview with Dr. Renee Toco
Dr. Renee Toco joins us today to talk about autism. She will be discussing the root cause of this illness, why so many children are being diagnosed, the dangers of conventional treatments and most importantly how to heal the cause of this disease. This is going to be a fascinating interview so make sure to tune in!
Nov 09, 2012
Interview with Dr. Ken Sutter
Dr. Ken Sutter joins us to discuss how he overcame liver cancer as well as agent orange from being deployed in Vietnam. He's the author of The Natural Healing Paradigm and teaches people how to cleanse and detoxify parasites, toxins and poisons from the body in order to experience a new level of health. Please listen in as this show could change your life!
Nov 07, 2012
Interview with Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson of rawmodel.com and growparadise.com talks with us about growing our own food forests, permaculture and how to live more sustainably in our modern world. Get tips on how to grow organic fruits and vegetables, where to get seeds and so much more!
Nov 05, 2012
Interview with Dr. John Apsley
Dr. John Apsley will be on our show to discuss natural treatments to cure advanced cancers. This is a must listen for all people who have been affected by cancer. Dr. Apsley is a physician and researcher specializing in cellular regeneration (healing advanced illnesses) and accelerated wound repair for the past 30 years.
Nov 02, 2012
Interview with Dr. Norm Shealy about longevity, anti-aging, cholesterol, statin drugs and more
Today we'll speak with Dr. Norm Shealy about longevity, anti-aging, cholesterol, statin drugs and how to live healthier, longer and most importantly disease free. At 80 years old Norm Shealy is a fireball and hard to keep up with. As an author of over 23 books he shares his wisdom, insights and energy about how to live healthy.

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