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The Doom & Bloom Hour
Hosted by Nurse Amy & Dr. Bones.

On the Doom and Bloom Hour, Nurse Amy, aka Amy Alton, A.R.N.P and Dr. Bones aka Joseph Alton, M.D., provide insight into the world of preparedness and self reliance. Our journey is updated every week with our successes and mistakes, so you can learn along with us.

We will have interesting guests share their expertise and knowledge to help you become more prepared. Medical preparedness may be our specialty, but as "preppers" we discuss all the issues and topics related to prepping. Nurse Amy loves survival gardening and herbal remedies, and Dr. Bones is focused on helping you gain knowledge on medical strategies to make you an asset to your family and community, in times of trouble.

For more information including articles, videos and more, visit www.DoomandBloom.net

Feb 04, 2013
Interview with author, Rick Austin
Today Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy will interview the author of "Secret Garden of Survival: How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forrest", Rick Austin. Join us as Rick reveals some great tips on permaculture and making the most of your land.
Jan 28, 2013
Medicinal Garden, Wilderness Wound Care and more
Today Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy will review their Florida preparedness adventures, including a medical emergency Dr. Bones handled, from the past two weeks. Nurse Amy presents a 101 on starting a medicinal garden and a part 1 on some awesome plants to grow. Dr. Bones discusses Wilderness Wound Care, which is a must know subject.
Jan 14, 2013
Interview Tim French of Americans Networking to Survive
On today's show with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy we will interview Tim French of Americans Networking to Survive (A.N.T.S.). Tim shares his system of mutual assistance in times of trouble. Please join us to learn some great information!
Jan 07, 2013
Interview with Jim Cobb, author of "Prepper's Home Defense"
Today's Doom and Bloom Hour features a special guest, Jim Cobb, author of Prepper's Home Defense and founder of survivalweekly.com. Jim will share information on both home defense and why avoiding confrontations is always the best policy! Dr. Bones presents some information on sanitation in a survival situation. Nurse Amy gives you her "what's up in the garden" update.
Dec 31, 2012
Topics include: Altitude sickness, head trauma and more
Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss altitude sickness, head trauma and more on the Doom and Bloom Hour.
Dec 17, 2012
R.P. Ruggiero, author of "Brushfire Plague"
Today's show offers an interview with R.P. Ruggiero, author of "Brushfire Plague". He offers insights to preparedness that everyone should hear. Dr. Bones will cover Bed Bugs in the immediate aftermath of a collapse. Nurse Amy discusses why she has St. John's Wort in her medicinal garden.
Dec 10, 2012
Topics include oil independence, antibiotics medical masks and more
Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss oil independence and the environment, the overuse of antibiotics, and choosing the right medical masks
Dec 03, 2012
Topics include collapse pregnancies, dental care tips and more
Tonight we bring you solid information on Collapse Pregnancies, and how and why you may want to prevent them in the immediate aftermath. We will review our latest Dental Kit contents and share some important dental care tips for medical preparedness. Nurse Amy will bring you her herbal plant of the week, Mullein.
Oct 03, 2012
Interview with essential oil expert, Julie Behling
Julie is the founder of essentialsurvival.org, a resource for essential oils and their uses for various medical conditions. Additional medical preparedness topics will also be covered by Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones.
Sep 26, 2012
Topics include: What it takes to be your own survival medic, common medical mistakes and more
On this episode, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones discuss what it takes to be your survival medic, some medical issues most preparedness folks forget to prepare for and why learning about natural remedies is so important. They will also review a few common medical mistakes made during survival situations.
Sep 19, 2012
Topics include: Finding Prepper Property, Wound Cleaning and more
Today Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones will share their recent travel adventures and attempts to find an awesome "prepper" property. Listen to some advice on proper wound cleaning, what a "wet to dry" dressing is and when to use it.
Sep 12, 2012
Topics include: Seizure disorders, anxiety, and depression in survival situations and more
Today Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones discuss seizure disorders, anxiety, and depression in survival situations. Nurse Amy reviews the wonders of raw honey and we give you an update on our recent travels to preparedness conferences. Never forget 9/11 and long live America.
Aug 29, 2012
Interview and hurricane preparedness with honored guest, John Wesley Smith
Today on Doom and Bloom News, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss hurricane preparedness in the wake of Issac's path. Our honored guest is John Wesley Smith from destinysurvival.com and Destiny Survival Radio. He shares wisdom and tips for preparedness, discusses his choice to homeschool his children, and much more. Please join us for an hour of learning.
Aug 22, 2012
Interview with Karen Hood from survival.com
Karen Hood from survival.com and Survival Quarterly Magazine. Karen will talk about her life with the late, great, survival expert, Ron Hood. She will also provide lots of great preparedness and survival info to our listeners.
Aug 15, 2012
The corn crisis, health and nutrition, home defense, medical storage items and more
Today on Doom and Bloom News Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss the corn crisis, nutrition and your health, and home defense. Nurse Amy will give you some great medical storage items to help you stay healthy in times of trouble. Make sure you are taking notes during the medical storage discussion, it may make the difference if help is NOT on the way!
Aug 08, 2012
Insect-borne diseases and how to grow your own garlic
Today on Doom and Bloom News we will discuss insect-borne diseases in a survival situation, and questions you should ask your doctor. Nurse Amy will explain how to grow your own garlic and its fantastic medicinal uses.
Aug 01, 2012
Show topics include recent world news, power outage in India, severe droughts and more
Today's show features news from around the world, including the extensive power outage in India and our own American disaster, a severe drought. We will recap our travels to the great state of Texas also.
Jul 25, 2012
Show topics include how to treat common injuries and keeping your feet in tip top condition
On this episode, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones will discuss some common injuries, such as blisters, splinters and fish hooks. They also discuss how to keep your feet in tip top condition in times of trouble!
Jul 18, 2012
Show topics include solar storms and wound closure methods
Today's Doom and Bloom News, we will discuss the recent solar storms. The most important topic of the show is wound closure methods, when NOT to close a wound, and wound care. Having the knowledge to care for both simple cuts and bigger lacerations are equally vital, especially if there is no medical help on the way.
Jul 11, 2012
Show topics include dehydration, heat stroke, medical supplies and more
Today Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones have several topics to discuss, including dehydration and heat stroke. Nurse Amy shares tips on planting and growing your own coffee, and organic pest control. They also continue the medical supply series, so you can stock up your preparedness storage. Don't forget your "bandaids"!
Jul 04, 2012
Show topics include wildfires, the next pandemic, essential oils, vital medical supplies and more
Today we discuss the devastating wildfires, the next pandemic, tea tree and lavender essential oils and the first part of a series on vital medical supplies your family should keep on hand. Whew! That's lots of information packed into one hour!
Jun 20, 2012
Interview with preparedness guru, Jack Spirko
This week's Doom and Bloom News features an interview with preparedness guru Jack Spirko, of The Survival Podcast. We discuss how the granddaddy of all survival podcasters got his start and get some great advice on preparedness.
Jun 06, 2012
Survival garden tips, the many uses of baking soda, burn treatments and more
Tonight on the Doom and Bloom News, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones discuss their patio cucumber garden plants and give you some survival garden tips. Dr. Bones talks about the many uses for baking soda and why you should add it to your storage supply list. Nurse Amy reviews 1st and 2nd degree burn treatments including natural remedies. Tune in for great preparedness advice from our home to yours.
May 30, 2012
Interview with Dr. Steve Futrell
Today on Doom and Bloom News, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones welcome special guest, Dr. Steve Futrell, a noted clinical psychologist who discusses preparedness mindset during disasters and collapse. We also present a primer on antiseptics and their uses for wound care.
May 23, 2012
Gardening tips, communication methods, essential oils uses and more
Today's show is filled with preparedness topics, including gardening tips, importance of community, understanding communication methods and more! Nurse Amy also discusses some lesser known essential oils and their uses. Better get out some paper and a pen, you may want to make some notes!
May 16, 2012
Gardening tips and an interview with Jason Akers, the Self-Sufficient Gardener
On our show today, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones share some of their gardening tips and Nurse Amy discusses how to grow your own cucumbers. Our special guest is a garden guru himself, Jason Akers, the Self-Sufficient Gardener. Join us as Jason spills the "beans" on gardening. For good advice in an uncertain world, spend an hour learning how you too can grow your own food, and become more self-reliant.
May 09, 2012
Interview with Lisa Bedford, aka "The Survival Mom"
Today Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones we are pleased to have Lisa Bedford, aka "The Survival Mom", an author and well-known blogger. Join us as we continue our path on the road to preparedness. No fear, just good, plain, common sense advice, pearls of wisdom and some laughter along the way.
May 02, 2012
Interview with Ron Douglas, founder of the Self Reliance Expos
Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones celebrate their inaugural show at NaturalNews Radio by introducing who they are and what they are all about. They will also have a discussion about the importance of preparedness with their good friend Ron Douglas, founder of the Self Reliance Expos.

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